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Our story is led by our Management who is having an experience of 21 years in various business. Our present venture Highland Properties will ensure to help the customers, both families and corporate, to achieve their dream reality space. The Highland properties is now one of the upcoming top builders in India and the most trusted brand in real estate. The brand 'Highland' has a visionary first-generation entrepreneur & civil engineers teams (High experience management team) to undertake properties, construction, contracting and they were in import and export business. Subsequently, the company diversified into real estate sector in 2010 and planning to list on stock exchanges (BSE and NSE) in 2030.

Mr. Prakash Balan - CEO of Highland Group

In the last years, staying true to its motto of 'We Build Prestige & Turning Dreams into Reality' and guided by its founding values of delivering quality and excellent real estate spaces, ensuring customer satisfaction and redefining lifestyle, Highland has delivered some landmark projects and engineering marvels, created a niche in both luxury and affordable segments and more importantly has brought smiles to the lives of Lacks of people.

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Real Estate Investment is the Best Investment!

If you want to earn more in a limited amount of time, keeping investing in Real estate. There isn't just one way you invest in real estate. Buying a property is one of the easiest definitions of Real Estate, but more exists. House flipping - renovating a property and selling it at a better price, Wholesaling, Rental properties, short term rentals (party halls, banquet halls, etc.), Private Equity Funds, Opportunity Funds - real estate investment trusts are some of the other renowned ways of investing in real estate.

Real estate sector is intensifying with a pace that no other strategy can challenge!

Best in generating passive income

Good long-term investment

Value is proportional to time

Overall strategy to begin building wealth

Lucrative and reliable way to generate sustainable returns

Appreciation potential

Portfolio diversification

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